A Sample of Rices

In the time since I switched from Windows to Linux last year, I have been getting gradually more obsessed with desktop environment customisation or “ricing,” as it is known.

I started simple, with KDE Plasma for a DE and some simple GTK themes. This was all done on Fearnley, my Dell XPS15.


I was very pleased with the result and happy for a time, but then I discovered /r/unixporn and I was hooked.

I switched to i3 and began to move slowly away from GTK and QT packages, opting more and more for applications writted with the ncurses library, which would follow my choices of colours. This gave a more comprehensive feeling of an environment on my computer, as opposed to a collection of random programmes each with different font and colour schemes.

My final rice while I was still on Arch Linux (I have now switched to Gentoo) was this:


Featured applications are:

  • Terminal: RXVT Unicode (URXVT)
  • Clock: tty-clock
  • Music: cmus
  • Visualization: cava
  • Process Manager: glances
  • Pipes: bash-pipes
  • OS Info: neofetch

I have just finished installing and setting up my Gentoo system on Fearnley, and will add my next rice when I am satisfied with the result.


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