More Rice

Now my Gentoo system is up and running smoothly, I’ve been busy choosing colours for my desktop theme.

I found this lovely wallpaper with a variety of pastel colours and used an eyedropper tool to select tones I liked from the image. Using these tones, I set my .Xdefaults file so that my terminal, URXVT, and vim would both pick up the colours. The one colour it lacks is green but I went for more varieties of red/yellow/umber in its place.

Pictured bellow is the desktop background as it is when a workspace is empty and also a selection of terminals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inside the terminals are:

  • the tail end of python being re-emerged with tkinter support
  • neofetch showing system information as well as my colour palette
  • my i3 config file open in vim

The same image acts as my wallpaper, lockscreen, and GRUB background. For my greeter, I use SDDM with this minimal theme.

My fonts are the Fira-Mono and Fira-Sans families.


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