A New Direction

Now that I have gone a long way down the path of “do it all yourself” and “write your own code snippet and hope for the best” user experiences with Linux, I propose to look back on my journey and cherry-pick the best bits.

Namely, I intend to move from i3 back to KDE Plasma. However, I could no longer stand to have a non tiling WM so will be attempting to integrate i3 and Plasma to work in harmony.

This will mean taking advantage of:

  • KDE’s composition for a (hopefully) tear-free screen
  • i3’s WM for beautiful tiling windows
  • KDE’s synergistic environment and integrated theming tools with friendly, “pointy-clicky” configuration
  • i3’s vi-like keyboard commands for window navigation and general use sans-mouse
  • KDE’s notification system, prettier task bar, workspace switcher, integrated network managers, VPNs, bluetooth control, system monitoring, etc.

I have found this reddit post and its accompanying github repo and guide to get me started. Expect another post with the results.


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