The KDE/i3 Experiment

Stage 1: USE=”+kde”

Before I can install KDE Plasma, I had to ensure maximum compatibility with its environment. This means switching from USE=”-kde” to USE=”+kde” in my portage configuration.

Then I needed to recompile a large portion of my system…


123 packages later, I could finally emerge KDE Plasma via the kde-plasma/plasma-meta package. I thought it prudent to get the whole suite for maximum compatibility.

Stage 2: Installing KDE

This went off without a hitch. KDE Plasma and all it’s utilities are now present on the system.

Stage 3: Tweaking and Configuring

A few hours of tweaking stuff resulted in quite a nice looking DE.

The one major issue is that sddm no longer starts on boot and, when started manually, sets the locale to POSIX instead of UTF-8. I have also switched from urxvt to konsole for better support and general functionality.

I present: my latest rice:


Above is my summer coursework, edited in vim, neofetch, the coursework instructions, again in vim.

In the middle is bash pipes and cmus, my personal choice for music playing.

At the bottom is a selection of subreddits with some nice pictures. For show.

The best part is: No More Screen Tear!



4 thoughts on “The KDE/i3 Experiment”

  1. Yeah i’m a huge fan of darker themes myself as well, and am using the same icon set actually. I ramble a bit about my own setup at some point on my own blog I guess.
    However, what i meant was this: Did you switch to a KDE profile before installing? It doesn’t seem so…you are new to Gentoo right? I got here because of the bumblebee post you did, that was an excellent piece of work, and made move to the seden overlay for my own laptop (used the bumblebee overlay before instead).
    If you did switch to a KDE profile, just ignore my huge reply. If not: check out ‘eselect profile list’ and then switch to one with kde in it (which one depends on whether you use openrc or systemd, both work fine). Rebuild/update @world once that’s done. You can check out the KDE article on the Gentoo Wiki as well if necessary, it’s kept pretty up-to-date. Cheers!

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    1. Ah I understand what you mean now. No, I did not switch profiles – I spent quite a while choosing my USE flags for my current setup based on the blank profile so I didn’t want to unpack a whole load of extra stuff over that


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