The KDE/i3 Experiment

Stage 1: USE="+kde" Before I can install KDE Plasma, I had to ensure maximum compatibility with its environment. This means switching from USE="-kde" to USE="+kde" in my portage configuration. Then I needed to recompile a large portion of my system... 123 packages later, I could finally emerge KDE Plasma via the kde-plasma/plasma-meta package. I thought… Continue reading The KDE/i3 Experiment


A New Direction

Now that I have gone a long way down the path of "do it all yourself" and "write your own code snippet and hope for the best" user experiences with Linux, I propose to look back on my journey and cherry-pick the best bits. Namely, I intend to move from i3 back to KDE Plasma.… Continue reading A New Direction

My Journey Into Gentoo

The problem Two weeks ago, I ran into a problem with my Arch Linux installation: I had partitioned my main drive too frugally; I had run out of space on my root partition. I had been thinking it was time for a bit of a clean-up anyway. I have a tendency to experiment with packages… Continue reading My Journey Into Gentoo