A New Direction

Now that I have gone a long way down the path of "do it all yourself" and "write your own code snippet and hope for the best" user experiences with Linux, I propose to look back on my journey and cherry-pick the best bits. Namely, I intend to move from i3 back to KDE Plasma.… Continue reading A New Direction


Banishing Windows to an External Drive

Since moving away from Windows, I have, on several occasions, had cause to boot into a Windows installation in order to use certain programs or play certain games. This includes some software needed for my Materials module on my course, and the Dishonored franchise. Up until recently, I had my windows installation dual booted, sharing… Continue reading Banishing Windows to an External Drive

My Journey Into Gentoo

The problem Two weeks ago, I ran into a problem with my Arch Linux installation: I had partitioned my main drive too frugally; I had run out of space on my root partition. I had been thinking it was time for a bit of a clean-up anyway. I have a tendency to experiment with packages… Continue reading My Journey Into Gentoo

A Sample of Rices

In the time since I switched from Windows to Linux last year, I have been getting gradually more obsessed with desktop environment customisation or "ricing," as it is known. I started simple, with KDE Plasma for a DE and some simple GTK themes. This was all done on Fearnley, my Dell XPS15. I was very… Continue reading A Sample of Rices