Editors, IDEs, and Holiday Coursework

Over the holidays, my course set some work: an introduction to c++ via a physics simulator. The main idea is that you have a simple OpenGL library which renders a short, conical "lander" above a large, red sphere, "mars." The student's task is to write two functions: a numerical integrator in three dimensions for vector… Continue reading Editors, IDEs, and Holiday Coursework


More Rice

Now my Gentoo system is up and running smoothly, I've been busy choosing colours for my desktop theme. I found this lovely wallpaper with a variety of pastel colours and used an eyedropper tool to select tones I liked from the image. Using these tones, I set my .Xdefaults file so that my terminal, URXVT,… Continue reading More Rice

Internship: Solarflare Communications

Since the beginning of August, I have been interning with Solarflare Communications in Cambridge. My main project during my internship is to design a device to test the power supplies of Solarflare Network Interface Cards (NICs). The devices interface with the NICs via the SFP or QSFP ports (different PCBs for each). The control was… Continue reading Internship: Solarflare Communications

My Journey Into Gentoo

The problem Two weeks ago, I ran into a problem with my Arch Linux installation: I had partitioned my main drive too frugally; I had run out of space on my root partition. I had been thinking it was time for a bit of a clean-up anyway. I have a tendency to experiment with packages… Continue reading My Journey Into Gentoo

A Sample of Rices

In the time since I switched from Windows to Linux last year, I have been getting gradually more obsessed with desktop environment customisation or "ricing," as it is known. I started simple, with KDE Plasma for a DE and some simple GTK themes. This was all done on Fearnley, my Dell XPS15. I was very… Continue reading A Sample of Rices