Personal: Blender

Recently, I have been learning how to use Blender to draw and render 3D objects. I have been mainly following Youtube Tutorials, such as the ones seen below.

After these tutorials, I did some stuff on my own, including the background image of this website.

A Windows Inspired Wallpaper. It’s a little dark but it was my first try at using volumetrics to create a foggy atmosphere with light shafts.


A simple render of my Planned DT Project this year. It’s very simplistic and stylised but as ¬†a basic design, I quite like it. It allowed a lot of experimentation with different shaders (note: shiny metal motors; matte black wheels; shiny black box near the back). The concept of the design is a Modular Programmable Robot – MPR. It is made with basic flat baseplates and vertical metal struts to fix them together. All other modules fix onto the baseplates which will be drilled with a grid of holes.

The LEDs are something of note too: They are made of clear glass balls with smaller balls inside which emit light of different colour. The outer glass is set to be rough so it diffuses the light and gives a nice effect.

I have made use of three point lighting – three lamps, coloured red, green, and blue are used to illuminate the image, giving a neutral white texture for most of the image but the shadows are overlapping and in various combinations of the colours. This gives the image more vibrancy and depth, I feel.

Robot 4.jpg



GCSE: Metronome

This project was for my GCSE coursework. It received full UMS and I got an A* in my GCSE overall.

Basically, it is a large foot-pedal operated metronome. It has a tap-tempo function and some flashing LEDs.

Unfortunately, I became slightly disorganised towards the end and some of the final pages were printed out to hand in but the actual documents are missing. The attached PDF contains the main body of the project, though, including the whole design process.

Download GCSE Project (PDF)